About me

Hi I’m Elaine

I have been planning and coordinating weddings for over 19 years, I have a passion for interior design, which is where my creative styling passion came from,   but my biggest passion, is all things weddings.  Helping couples have the best day ever. I love to see a couples plans come together and the  beautiful celebration that follows. 


Working exclusively for 13 years with Elsham Gardens and Country Park, it has given me a wealth of expertise and knowledge, when it comes to planning a wedding.   

With my passion for helping couples create their most special day,  I have decided I would like to share my knowledge and have created “Weddings with Elaine”,   which is a growing community of couples and suppliers, willing to share in an educational, inspirational and friendly environment. 


Why?  I wanted to be able to give time back from planning, reduce stress and make the wedding planning experience more enjoyable. You don’t want to spend endless evenings researching what to do next, I have a month by month enjoyable planning journey ready for you to join


Remember at the end of the day, your celebrations, will be  “The BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE”

All my love


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My motto for the last 18 years has been Your Wedding, Your Way”  I strongly believe, no matter what your budget, you can still achieve the day of your dreams. 

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I received my Fairy Godmother status very early on in my wedding planning years and it has stayed with me from that day.  I love being call you fairy godmother 

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I pride myself on building releationships, creating a rapport and understanding your individual visions. Getting to know your perosonality, helps me plan a perfect day, individual to you. 

We believe if you’re looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, professional and dedicated wedding planner then you will find all the above in Elaine. 

When meeting for the first time Elaine set an excellent first impression. We immediately felt comfortable and at ease in her company:  something we highly regarded.  On the first of our many meetings we were asked to provide the details of how we wanted our wedding. Having never planned a receptions before, we solely relied on her judgment and advice. Elaine noted our preferences and used her experience and knowledge of the local area to recommend essential suppliers, all of whom also provided an exemplary service. Throughout the course of our preparation , she endeavoured to support us at all times, even individually contacting and meeting each of our suppliers in order to ensure that all parties concerned were fully co-ordinated. 

From the moment we arrived for the reception at Elsham Hall, to the moment we left in the evening,  we knew we could relax in the knowledge that Elaine was present throughout.  Several of our guests commented on how clearly evident it was that the venue had been decorated by an individual, and with 100% attention to detail. 

We would highly recommend Elaine as a wedding planner for all the reasons above, she beyond any doubt ensured we had a truly memorable day. 

Join our Facebook community,  the group is to bring couples together for an inclusive environment with member engagement, learning, inspiration and making the all imprtant, wedding planning journey less stressful and more enjoyable 

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Favourite Pastime

Creating, Decorating and Styling

My husbands pet peev,  is that I am forever changing things in our home,  I just love to create new things. decorate and make things, I am so obsessed with interior design.

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Favourite Food & Drink

I love a good old traditional beef sunday roast and a KFC

My usual drink would be a chilled glass of prosseco but my Christmas tipple, is a Babycham and Cherry B –  I know i’m showing my age

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Favourite thing to do

Dancing in the kitchen with my hubby

I also love to sit by water, the sound of water is so soothing, you will often find me sat with a drink by our pond, but also love to find a lake and a paddle in the sea.

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Favourite People

My Family

Moving to Lincolnshire from Leicester just 17 years ago to be with my husband.  I come from a large family, my mum and dad and 3 beautiful sisters. I have 3 adult children who i am so proud of and love with all my heart. 

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Favourite Season

I honestly couldnt choose. 

Being a wedding planner, I see the pro’s and cons to all the seasons.  I married on Christmas Eve, my daughter married in the Summer, my sister married in the Spring. I love, the blossom,  I love the snow, I love the sunshine and WOW, those colours in the Autumn 

A few fun facts about me 

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